Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everyone remember the Invisible Watermark Tutorial?

It got taken off my DeviantArt account for a "violation" of rules...since I didn't draw the Zoro image.

What hypocrites. I swear that's why I got rid of as much art I could off my "airlobster" DA page. The sad thing is most folks just herd there. They don't go to websites anymore that have original content. It has to be an 'ass kissing' site. You know, where you can get comments as well as give them. Collect "badges". Win virtual "trophies" and get "kudos" - OMG WHO CAN GET THE MOST?!


What is being an artist? It's being non-conformist. Not joining the herd and moo-ing or baa-ing right along. I tried joining those sites because of the extra hits I'd get for this site - but it never works that way. See, most people won't leave the site to click my website link. Why should they? My site simply has some nifty art, games, tutorials and stuff you'd find on DA ...but there's no back-patting for them included. It's another person's site, that's all.

DA has really gone downhill. For this person that reported my tutorial and stabbed me in the back (thanks for letting me know, dude, I could have fixed it, I can draw) ~ he or she is one of the vindictive folks out there. I put that tute up to help others, and they had it removed for a petty reason. Why doesn't DA remove all the "stamps" on their site? Because too many people use them and they're "popular". However, all those things are is a base for sticking a screen shot (like the tute had inside it). All of them should be deleted then....but no, just my tutorial (which had a lot of work put into it) got banned. Those will forever stay up.

I say to those that are on DA and never left: go outside in the world wide web for once! Go to a site that has original work on it. Go someplace else. Look at things and let the artist know you like them.

Because I won't stroke your ego.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Invisible Watermarking Tutorial


I've made something again. This time it's an invisible watermarking technique.

(coming soon, was removed from my database & I have to re-upload it somewhere)

This shows you how to make an invisible watermark that shows up in IE based browsers if you select the image (ctrl + a for instance). It works in all layer-based imaging programs (I used PhotoShop 7).