Sunday, November 8, 2009

I hate Bioware.

It's official.

Herein contain Alastair Romance spoilers for the game "Dragon Age: Origins", if you do not wish to see them do not read further, please. There will also be the rantings of a bipolar artist that seriously gets way too into these games.

So, around 20 or more hours into the game I find I'm getting nervous about how people keep warning me about our love. We've made love, etc., and he keeps saying he loves me.

I get headaches worrying about it, so I look it up.

My worst fears are confirmed: if you are a mage of any sort, even human -- he WILL NOT marry you. He will not stay with you. He will dump you for his uncle's f-ing widow.


I deny this; I'm so upset I'm crying and now I can't stop. I have issues with Fantasy worlds, see, it's what I believe makes me a half decent artist and writer. I live these things very closely. I cried during the romance scene and all, and was so happy for several (um, make that two) days while he said loving things to me like "yes, my love" and told me he did love me. Well, my character would rather die than see him married to another. Let them stop the damned Blight themselves. I refuse to play any longer.



But I'm hurt. I'm still a child at heart and I feel this very strongly, almost as if my husband is doing it to me. Truly, as a matter of fact. I am hurt, devastated. Instead of being happy like I was and hoping for a happy ending I ache. Just as if it is real.

I may simply quit playing the game entirely.

I did not enjoy many parts of it; I swore VERY OFTEN and despised the mage's quests in the Veil, etc. I even had to print out a guide for one! I never do that!

And now, what? I simply refuse to put myself through his rejection...and to see him married to that slut just because he needs an heir and I'm a mage that needs to go back to my fricking dog kennel "tower". No. I can't.