Saturday, August 30, 2014

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I've gotten back into the game again, so I wanted to post my Dream Address here, as well as some tips I came across from playing for so long. I finally have a Perfect Town, with all 4 houses paid off and remodeled (each house has a different exterior, and my townsperson Law has a Gold home as well)! Now I just need all the furniture for certain sets inside them and I'll be done with that.

Are you tripping a lot in-game? 

You're either:

having "bad luck"
 Luck is random per day - if you visit Katrina, the Fortune Teller, 20 times, she'll open up a shop on the strip and you can ask her. Or, if you buy Redd's Fireworks Cookies 4 weeks in August, there is an item called the "Lovely Phone" you can win that you place in your home. You can then call it every day to hear your fortune and lucky item.

are wearing the King Tut mask
The mask is an item that is cursed.

don't have rain boots on when it's raining
Seriously, buy a pair and either use 'em all the time or save 'em.

OR are inappropriately dressed for the season
 If you, say, have long sleeves in the summer, etc - you're wrongly dressed. You can see this if when you come out of your home your character does a little animation, like 'OMG I'm hot' (wiping sweat from brow).

Brewster won't let you work? 

work time is only 11 am to 11 pm every day

is it a festival/holiday?
He won't let you work.

is there anyone in town
(Sabrina, Redd, Joan, etc)? He won't let you work.

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