Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ferguson, MI reboot

So, yet another also also wik for the Ferguson, MI story. Now police released a video they claim is the kid robbing a store, which of course is to show us he was a bad kid who "deserved" what he got. People are so huffed up about this, that they can't think. Some douche on Twitter even screamed 'THINK' at me in all caps because I said,

"...because stealing something warrants being shot like an animal?"


Does it?

The Twitter person, as so many others are claiming now, states that the fact that since he aggressively robbed a store beforehand this attests to his "state of mind" when he was confronted by police.

Sure. Okay. He did a bad thing, he wasn't an angel. The claims are that he held his hands up and got shot. That doesn't mean he attacked the other officers. And, even so, I still believe it was mostly his color that got him in trouble. I live in Kansas, okay? Cops (some, as in the majority) really do target black people. This happens. Some of our friends joke about it, but that's because how the hell can you deal with such crap? It's either laugh or cry.

We'll never know what happened, because we weren't there. Neither side sounds like it was innocent, but one side killed an unarmed human being. That side was wrong. Can we agree on that, at least?

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