Monday, August 11, 2014

If your crafts suck, suck it up!

Why the @#$% are all these Etsy sellers begging me to "reconsider" my negative feedback?

You made an item that wasn't worth it. If it was crappily crafted and has holes in a sewn plush, black thread where there is white fabric (WTF seriously), etc. etc, then it's not your customer service I have an issue with. You wrapped it prettily, for the most part everyone does, with frills an confetti and freebies and crap. BUT I DON'T CARE if the item arrives and it's shit! 

You're the artist - if you feel an item "isn't good enough", then don't list it or say that you feel it is an inferior piece. Don't feed me excuses and try to guilt me into changing my negative feedback!

So, back story. I recently gave negative to someone after their plush toy was shit (popped seams, heavily hot-glued plastic nose, black thread where white fur was, etc.) It was hideous. The seller tried to beg me on Etsy to retract, and when I did not they sent me a hideous "free gift" in the mail, once again begging me to retract the feedback. They're now trying to guilt me into doing it, saying I hope I have a "change of heart"!
@#$%! No! 

The fact that you said it was one of your "first" pieces and "I'm doing much better now" WAS NOT SAID IN THE LISTING. In fact, you wanted 60% more for the damned thing when you first listed it! And then even at 60% off it wasn't a bargain. I'm doing you a favor. You think I'm a terrible person, but I'm telling you, your work wasn't good enough to stand up to other artist's standards. 

My mother has made me plushes throughout my life. None of those ever popped a seam or had any issues - even though a five-year-old played with them really hard (I loved stuffed animals back then like I do now of course!) But my mother won't put anything of hers up for the ridiculous prices you were asking, even though she is an immaculate seamstress. It sickens me. If you KNEW the listing was for "your very first" piece, if it wasn't "really all that good", then MENTION IT, or don't freaking sell it. Don't make excuses!

Also, Etsy... why can't we upload pictures of an item when we're dissatisfied with it? Why can we only do that on feedback if we're happy? You'd think, that would be a GREAT way to show what a shit item the person sold you, y'know? Proof. But nope, they don't allow it if you post a 1-star rating.

Also also wik, this shitty seller might be sewing better now, but their feedback is all great, even on items that I know looked like butt (and came around the same time frame as the one I bought). People, people, have some standards. Just because you can't sew for shit, doesn't mean someone that sews like shit is good. Why do I get all the picky a-holes that want $100 worth of GOOD work for pennies when shitty crafters get the ones that don't care and think crap is good (and consequently buy shit for $100)?

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