Saturday, August 23, 2014

Internet Providers Suck

So, here's this commercial you may have seen on TV from Time Warner Cable. I absolutely detest lying, shitty commercials, so this is at the top of my list now. Not only is their "mascot" annoying - beardy guy with hat -- it's a crock of shit.

TLDR: commercial says Time Warner gives you internet for just $15 or something, without all the "bundles". Try to sign up for it, though, and Time Warner will NOT let you, and the lowest bundle(s) we could find were $80.

Longer rant: Zoro & I have bad internet service from CCI, "Consolidated Communications" (formerly known as "Surewest"). It's spotty and doesn't work, plus, it's expensive for very low service & bad speed. So we wanted to switch to Google Fiber, but even though the bastards tore up our lawn and created a mess for several days on our street they won't let us have it! @#$% it, Google! Zoro checks every few days we want it so bad, but it's always "not available in your area". WHAT DO YOU MEAN, NOT AVAILABLE? YOU TORE UP OUR YARD TO PUT THE CABLES IN!


Anyway, it finally happened to him last night - he was online trying to Skype & play Steam, and it kept cutting out on him. So he tried to switch to Time Warner. Heh heh heh. So, their commercial is all about "buying only what you need". But Time Warner is a hypocritical @#$%. They are the King of Bundles! We couldn't get any internet only service. He chose very carefully, only the lowest of everything it forced him to pick, and it came to $80 worth of crap we don't need. The website would not let him just pick internet. He was forced to bundle.

In other words, he was forced to buy a LOT of "things we didn't need", as their commercial there is making fun of, saying other companies do it. Wait... wait, but so do they!


We're going to have to wait for Fiber. Grump.

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