Monday, August 11, 2014

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About me as a Seller
Please read the following carefully, as they detail my selling policies. Also please be kind and think of the person who is the seller. I'm not a big store. I'm just trying to make some desperately needed cash to pay bills and be able to eat this month.

Item Condition
All items come from a smoke free home with non-allergenic pets (we own 2 toy poodles - poodles do not shed, the items are kept stored away from them, and they're trained not to touch what is not theirs). Items are described very well with many photos.

PLEASE LOOK AT ALL PHOTOS AND READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. I sell collectibles that I know a lot about, but I can make mistakes, so please double check. Please note that if you are a buyer that wants a perfectly 100% mint packaged item, I respectfully request you look elsewhere. I can not guarantee that items are 100% free of any damage at all. There may be tiny things about the item(s) I don't notice because they're small. Most folks won't, either, but there are those that collect certain toys that have ridiculous standards (many times because they are greedy resellers!)

I do not do "holds", and I must have payment within the standard time eBay gives buyers. I accept PayPal only. If payment is not received, I will re-list the item.

Orders are shipped out ASAP - which may take up to 3-4 days depending on availability of our single car, bad weather, holidays, etc. PLEASE BE PATIENT. All of the folks that have left less than excellent feedback about me complain about shipping time when, if you look carefully, their item arrived well within the eBay time estimated (or sooner).

All orders are shipped via the USPS within the United States only. I do not ship internationally. Tracking information will be emailed to you once it is generated. Tracking numbers sometimes take a very long time to register. Please contact me if anything seems amiss and I'll look into the matter at once!

IF YOU ARE NERVOUS ABOUT YOUR ITEM(S) ARRIVING SAFELY, please request insurance. I can tack on an insurance fee depending on what the USPS charges for value of the item(s). I use newspaper, magazines, recycled wrap, mailers and boxes to pack. You may not receive a brand-new box or mailer, but it will be mailed as safely as possible.

No returns are accepted. I give each item a very thorough description, providing details on any flaws or imperfections, as well as take multiple pictures of each item. I pack my items very carefully as well, sometimes going as far to double-box or wrap every single one individually in a lot. If you don't request insurance (see above) and it arrives in any condition other than what the listing stated, it's because of the Post Office, not me. Although quite rare, it does happen, I understand, and it's terrible when it does.

Take pictures of any damaged mailer(s) or box(es) BEFORE OPENING THEM to show me if this has occurred. If you do contest a refund with eBay, I will need the item(s) mailed back at your cost for a refund of the item(s) original price only. You will not be able to keep the item and receive any refund at all. It must be mailed back and I must receive it before the refund in condition in which you have shown it was sent to you.

Feedback is very important to the eBay community. I appreciate very much the positive feedback I receive from my customers. Please remember to leave feedback after you have received your item(s) and are happy. I will do the same for you!

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