Monday, August 25, 2014

Stephen King Movies & Series

Husband saw this today about one of our mutually favorite King novels. Upon peeking at the comments (something that proves I am stupid) I see tons of folks tearing up older King miniseries/movies, etc.

I'm just going to say what I posted there: should we even try to make mini series or movies based on epic King novels? Because it seems ridiculously hard. It's impossible to get them "just right", ever, because you can't please everyone. And because of how difficult it is, budget and time constraints, the actors at your disposal, etc., I think everyone needs to chill the hell out on all previously made series/movies. It's so hard - you should be happy that you at least got something to watch. To be excited about, even if you're a hardcore troll and you're gonna pick apart every difference between the book & movie/ TV series.

There were a lot of parts about the original Stand miniseries that I didn't like. But I focus, instead, on what I did like. There were gasps and "aahs" and those moments of "Yay! A favorite character is on the screen!"

At least The Stand miniseries was 100% better than the revamped ST:TOS & TMNT shit. Ripping apart stuff and re-writing stories that have been previously loved is way different than just not being able to fund a good model of a giant spider for the end of a TV series.*

I mean, even Rugrats hailed King at one point. That is epic.

* of course I refer to the "IT" miniseries

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