Monday, August 18, 2014

Stupid Medical Bills

So, I have a million things wrong with me. Many serious, so serious I don't work outside the home (and never will). But thanks to the health care system being so shitty, always shitty, I haven't had treatment in more than a decade. I did go recently to a place for my sciatica and a UTI test.

I went to "Pure Health Medical Center" in Kansas.

They gave me 2 tests, apparently one was not covered (too bad they wanted to make sure I was okay, insurance seems to think that's an "extra" we have to pay for). Needless to say, due to me not working and costs always going up without pay raises going up, we have no money. So the bill was $100+.

I've done the whole "can't pay entire amount" before - I've had hospital bills *shudder* -- so I knew what to do. Pay what we can, and then after that pay every month, what we can, until it's paid off. Unfortunately the assholes didn't send us another bill, they just called with a debt collector instead.

Excuse me? I paid $30, and if you would just send me bills, you morons, I could pay the rest! I had to look everything up the hard way to find the address and pay another amount. I am so highly pissed that I'm ready to explode. Not everyone can dump money down like it's nothing. Don't they understand that? Even if they're in a ritzy neighborhood, wouldn't it be better to send another bill FIRST, instead of doing something that nasty?!

Well... I'm not sure, but I think it's a debt collector. There's no reason someone would be calling me at all (unless it's a friend or family member), and this person said "on behalf of..." so it sounds like it is.

Due to my being bipolar, and unable to even call a friend on my bad days, I can't call back. I've been stressed to the max because of this stupid misunderstanding. And I don't want to go back again, especially if they're going to:

1) give me "unnecessary" extra tests we'll have to pay for
2) not have the decency to bill me twice, just sic bill collectors on my ass instantly

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