Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trafalgar Law Dakimakura

So, I'd say it's Zoro's fault, really...

...hey, wait, it is. Ugh.

He (the husband) & I watched ONE PIECE episodes in a mini-marathon, and dammit if it wasn't a lot of Law action. I know I'm supposed to be saving up money and whatnot, but this just came out, and I might want to give my Zoro one a break now & then (snerk)~

Yep, brand new Law pillow cushion. Here's the link to the auction. If the link doesn't work, just click on their other items they're selling and search for One Piece stuff. He's the only sexy one they sell, apparently, because all the rest are the "licensed-but-not-really portrait-on-a-pillow" types. Huh. Well, he was cheap (no pun intended) and that's what counts!

Now I need to sell some stuff again. Ack.

Anyone want a special, Tokyo Pokemon Center only Suicune blue edition Gameboy Advance? I'm trying to sell mine for the lowest price on eBay, and it's like brand new with all the box, instructions and everything... but no go. Everyone wants it for way less. Even though mine is the cheapest available!

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