Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unlocked: Zoro Troll!

My beloved husband has finally joined the ranks of those of us that have been targeted by trolls/harassers online.


Oh, he's overjoyed. Shit like that doesn't bother him. Myself, I get pissed because - well, first off, it's what I do -- and second, I just don't understand mean people. You're revealing yourself as the lowest of the low, a complete idiot that just wants to "attack" others. You want others to feel bad because you said something mean about them. Wait, are you five? Three? The only people I know crueler than trolls are kids, young kids. Because that's about the mentality.

"You're doing something I don't like! STOP IT!"

Um... why exactly? You can post to someone anywhere about how you think they should die because they drew something you were jealous about, for instance (which I get a lot). I am certainly able to post that image, then. I mean, I'm just having fun. You're being an idiot that wants to control someone and fight for kicks. Go do something that will be worth your time!

"This person looks like they'll get hurt if I poke them."

Then why do it? What's the @#$%ing challenge? I forgot, you're a coward that won't face people. That's why you're online, faking who you are/ your gender / name, etc. You can say what you like/do what you like "without consequences".

What if we had consequences?

I like this idea. Trolls get fined $$$ when they troll. Or, at the very least, by signing up with something that presents the place you're posting at with a sense of identity to top staff, if you make a death threat, they will know. Everyone whines in the comments section there about how bad it would be, say, if someone hacks your account. That seems to be a big issue. Well, geniuses, if an account is fine for years and then suddenly changes it's entire tone and starts trolling, I'd say that people would be able to tell. I think we have to go back to being smart instead of whining about our "rights". What rights do we have when a faceless attacker suddenly hurts us constantly, wherever we go? What if they could be taken to task? Wouldn't that be better?

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