Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What has the highest shit content in this picture?

...that's right, it's the article!* Danedri Thompson from The Gardner News has managed to do it again, like she does every time she types something up that has her personal opinion in it.

"Calling Hitler a socialist shouldn't be controversial" was the article. G'head, read it if you'd like. It's hilarious.

I wrote: 42 percent of Millenials call themselves socialists, according to a Time Magazine survey. Only 16 percent of those know what the word means. You know who else was a socialist? Hitler.

That is indeed what she wrote**. And now, she is either playing dumb (ha) or being snarky by saying "well, excuse me, of course Hitler was a socialist"...

1) there are arguments that he was not a socialist
2) even if he was one, you are comparing people to Hitler, a big no-no

Let me break it down in another statement.

"(blank)% of creative people call themselves artists. You know who was also an artist? Hitler."

This has now compared artists to Hitler. And this will very rightly piss people off if said in earnest (I'm nothing at all like the man, for instance).

Simple, clean, quick. Maybe Hitler was a socialist, but then again, many claim he was not, like in this thought-provoking article. But taking that aside and even assuming he is for argument's sake, do we condemn all artists because he wanted to paint? No. Hitler was a deranged man that had many mental problems.

Socialism: a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies
The proper definition is there. If it's not what you agree with, that's fine, as this is America. But don't be so moronic as to use it to attack people and say they're like Hitler. For shame, that demeans everyone and everything that happened during the Holocaust. So many innocent people died, so many were inhumanly tortured and experimented on, treated like animals... and you're flippantly using the name to poke at people who like something you do not.

* by the way, this is what I always do with her expressions of "thought". My lovely, cranky parrotlet Penny adores pooping all over them in her cage.

** also wik: millenial = millennial. Do you have spell check? Because I'm dyslexic and I do.

*** also also wik: ha ha, people dumb, "only 16% know what the word means" - hypocritical much?

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