Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pokemon Protection Program

Because Weezing wasn't badass enough. These little stick-on mustaches are hilarious. They were supposed to be for your drinking glasses, but we found another use for the black one.

Want em? I'm actually selling the other colors (and a few with suction cups on the back) in a big party lot on eBay. It's way less than I paid for all the crud I'm offering. Like, way less.

Anyway, I have a ton of cool handheld systems and crap on eBay too, but no one's biting. Mostly because I didn't list them for .99 cents. Boo hoo, deal with it. I know what they're worth, and I'm offering them for what they sell for on eBay, with the added incentive of extras and free shipping. So I'm not lowering my prices. I need the money, for God's sake. It's not like I'm ripping people off because I don't want to give you items for nothing. Ughhh.

Nintendo DS Lite Handheld System - Black - Bundle with Game, Case, more
That's a good one. No one uses the small system anymore, so it's cheap.

10 PSP Games - Prinny, Loco Roco 1 and 2, WTF, Hakuoki Dating Sim, Darkstalkers
Most of these have booklets and everything! Some rare and fun games.

Sony PSP Silver Handheld System + WITH 16 GB Memory Card, Metal Case, TV Show
The memory card alone is worth about $50!

Original B&W Gameboy Console - GREEN - with 5 GAMES, Pokemon toys, case - WORKS!

Hard to find, the original b/w Gameboy brick, with tons of extras.

Pokemon: Silver + Crystal Versions (Game Boy Color) in ORIGINAL PACKAGING

This one annoys me, because another seller had bids worth more on his lot, and his didn't have the booklets and boxes! I do! 

... there's more, but I'll stop. I needed to clean out some handheld systems and hopefully get some needed cash for the holidays (and to pay more bills of course, waugh). I won't be dropping the prices because they're low (remember, I'm paying shipping). They're worth it, and they have tons of extras included.

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