Sunday, September 7, 2014

So, Ricky Gervais is an Ass

I was sort of borderline about the guy before, but after he's started bashing fat people, I'm sad to say that even if his work is funny (although I haven't seen anything good from him yet), I simply can not support an asshole that says things like:

"If your arse is too f---ing fat, stop eating and go for a run."

Let me counter with: 'if you're depressed, just get over it'. Same difference there. That's the worst thing to tell someone who is depressed because it's impossible. It's a condition, an illness.

And, good sir, let me tell you that I'm obese for a reason. I'm bipolar, and have several crippling health issues like bad sciatica and a bad side from where I pulled all the muscles off my ribs once and it never healed properly. I also hate my state where I live, and my depression and anxiety make it impossible to interact outside on "walkies". My state has temperatures in the spring/summer higher than 100 degrees F, and lower than Alaska sometimes in the winter (not to mention bad icing and snow). No go on the outside stuff. Outside = bad.

I'm also 100 pounds fatter than I ever was because of my depression.

I can't even get help for my illness, because we're sinking money-wise. I can't work because of the depression and my husband pulls weight for both of us. It's not enough; and health insurance will make us pay a lot of money we can't afford, even if they cover some. We can't cover any extra expenses.

The depression crippling, devastating, and even though I try to lose weight it's not something you can understand if you're not depressed. It gets to the point where if eating makes me happy - even for a few minutes, or a half an hour -- I'm going to do it. If anything will stop the pain, I will do it. It's that horrendous.

Back to the money issue. As I said, we're in desperate straits. Healthy food = lots of money. Cheap crap that has tons of empty calories and fat = very little money. Wow, guess what we can afford to buy?! DING ding DING ding! Cheap, nasty stuff like hot dogs and crud deli meat, hardly anything fresh. And, another thing: I love food. This means I'm fat, but I absolutely adore fresh fruits and vegetables. If we had the money, I'd be thinner easily! But we can't afford to buy good stuff. I scrape what I can to buy seasonal things, but we rarely have good stuff in the house. It's mostly things that keep and can be stored for awhile.

We eat lots of beans and rice for dinner. That doesn't sound like "fat people", does it? I'd also like to add this as a capper here: I don't like sweets. I like meat, cheese, and fruit & veggies.

I love salad, you @#$%.

Now, I understand his views on the magic cure / "pop a pill" mentality nowadays. Everyone wants everything done fast, even if it's not healthy. But before you go slamming "fat" people, understand that most fat folks are not just "lazy slobs". Each has a problem that makes them eat too much, and it's exactly the same as alcohol addiction or drug use - you can't stop. It's actually that bad, you get the DT's (detox) and everything if you've gone so far.

TLDR -- We're sympathetic for drug users and alcohol addicts - but fat people are just bad? It's (mostly) the same @#$#% thing.

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