Friday, September 26, 2014

Thanks, asshole eBay buyer

So, thanks to an asshole eBay buyer, my feedback went from 100% positive to 99.6 again. Why?

Because I didn't respond in one single day to her complaint.

I should have checked her feedback - the "left for others" one -- she's given tons of crap feedback, seemingly snippy and even when people refunded her before she even got the items, yet she says the items are bad. How would she know?!

That's right - I wasn't online yesterday due to my being sick. One day. I logged in today and sent a nice email to her, asking how can we rectify this situation, and of course then I notice she's left me lying, crappy negative feedback.

Items damaged due to poor packaging, no response from seller

"Poor" packaging, in this case, meant OH MY GAWD I DIDN'T USE BUBBLE WRAP! It must be "poor" packaging, even though I padded it well enough with bags, wrapped and sealed each individual cart with sandwich bags, gave her a free item, and shipped in a box. There's no way they "moved around" and got more damaged. She was just an idiot and didn't see the real wear of the pics in her haste to win a rare item, more than likely.

Piss off, you idiot. I shipped double-bagged, in a box for something flat enough others would have shipped in a flat package for less, and I paid your shipping with insurance. You wanted some kickback, is what you did. You paid $88 for two games, and you wanted some little money back. I bet the boxes were fine, because she didn't send a report or tell eBay she wanted her money back - why not if they were damaged? Because they were fine, that's why! And also, because of this one idiot, I now have a less than positive feedback score. That means a lot on eBay - but buyers can't get a less than positive score, because I can't rate her as being the bad buyer she is. eBay won't let me.

I did rate her on the internet Bad Buyer List, but eh. I wish eBay would let us rate these morons. Seriously - she waited one day. ONE. Day. I was ready to be nice too the imbecile, who, by the way, starts off by saying, "I don't want to be one of those people", for the reason that she knows she IS one of "those" people!

People take days off. I am so angry about this that I'm about to spit.

She has items for sale, I wonder how she'd like it if someone did it to her?

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