Thursday, October 30, 2014

OMG, is that a lump?!


I woke up in the early morning hours a day ago, saw the bathroom was already occupied, and started my "I have to poop" dance around the bedroom (you all loved hearing that, right). A few minutes in, I realized I was absently rubbing my right breast... a few seconds later, my sleep-numbed mind realized it was because it hurt like hell. Holy gee whiz, it did. And as I fiddled around, I thought I felt a lump. That's where my mind goes, of course, regarding boobs and illness. Especially during all this Cancer Awareness month crap.

Anyway, long story short, did you know you can get a staph infection anywhere? It's naturally on your skin right now - everyone's -- and if you have a tiny crack in your flesh it has the ability to get in & multiply. I have a staph (bacterial) infection there. Probably when I tweezed an ingrown hair - it was right next to it. It's hot, it's PAINFUL, and boy howdy is it red. Even the soft sports bra I have on hurts it. Annnnnd, I now have to pop antibacterial horse pills for 10 days. Bleargh.

True story. By the way, good advice: if it hurts, it's probably not breast cancer. It's a killer because it's so "silent"... of course, now I realize that.

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