Wednesday, November 5, 2014

eBay Buyers Can't Read

I just feel like ranting about a stupid thing. Ha!

So, today I logged into eBay and I get a nasty, sarcastic PM from a buyer who purchased a vintage My Little Pony Carousel game from me back in July. She's telling me that when her daughter opened it, OH MY GOSH half was missing!

First off, thank goodness she's that stupid, otherwise I'd have gotten another undeserved negative feedback. Always open everything and check when you get a package, even if it's a present for later on. I buy all my gifts on eBay and I always check. I've been done with Christmas for like, 3 months now.

Second, it wasn't "missing half" the contents. It was missing exactly what the description stated in bold, colored letters (so that idiots didn't miss it, unfortunately, she missed it I guess) - there were no stampers included. I also sent her a link to a collector's site which shows what was in the original unopened game so she can maybe wrap her brain around that.

THIRD, anyone with brains can just take any stamper to play the game. Of course, if purchased for sentimental value, that sucks, but I was very, very, very-very-very clear in the auction that it was NOT "complete", because I took the stampers for my collection. I don't know how I could have made it clearer... flashing text? Because honestly, I remember coloring and making it bold, so no one would miss the fact they were gone. Also, it was quite cheap - maybe we should watch what we buy instead of greedily snatch things up, huh? If it's super cheap, there's usually a reason why. That makes red flags rise in my head when I see stuff on eBay.

It's not my fault you can't read, woman. Ughh. I'm sorry the other girl - the daughter -- didn't get the full gift she wanted, but it's not my fault. It's not always the seller's fault, you know, just because you wanna blame someone. You can blame yourself - and should, when it IS YOUR FAULT.

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