Saturday, November 15, 2014

Roronoa Zoro FAQ

I'm rather stupid, as those who come to my sites and view my work may recall. Well, I used to have the biggest fansite devoted to Roronoa Zoro on the web (not Wiki, fansite - and were the URLs that led to the same page and are not active by me anymore), and the info I pooled and recorded was used by tons of people. I still, to this day, find my original Zoro gifs (like the one above!) floating all around the internet without folks realizing they originated from me ... durn it, some of those took work. LOL. Some are even my artwork!

TL;DR: so duh, I should dip into some of my Zoro site info (it's on one of my external hard drives, never deleted it entirely) and showcase it here.

Links COMING SOON  below!

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