Saturday, January 17, 2015

I shaved my head (and I'm female).


I hate "doing" my hair, as I'm not the hyper-feminine type, and since Zoro doesn't care what I do to my own body (ladies, take note, that's true love & freedom), we went and he got a cut, I got a shave. Took a #2 blade, meaning there was just fuzzy stubble on my scalp.

So, two things: I look super mannish when I'm fat and the shaved head makes it worse. Two, I have a perfectly proportioned head. Huh. It's round & shaped the way it's supposed to be: no lumps or idiosyncrasies. Neat.

My hair will grow back if I choose to have it do so - I don't understand ladies that freak out about this. Hair grows back. What the hell. Society has brainwashed you, the 99.9%, making you believe that super long hair is the most beautiful and short is ugly. My shaved scalp takes no shampoo (I can use body wash on it), little to no care and will be super cool in the summer. It's actually really cool looking, different than anyone else on the street, and I don't have to fuss with it. Bonus! I love it. Also, no more expensive trips to the hairdresser. I paid $20 for a Wahl Hair-cutting Kit, and I'll do it myself when I need to.

Who are you growing all that hair for? I mean, sure, you're allowed to love what you love, it's a free country. But what if you could save hundreds of dollars - if not thousands for some -- as well as time and inconvenience (no more bad hair days, although quips will be made that "every" day is one when you're bald, I'm sure, in folks' minds when they read this). Men can be bald, fat, and even downright ugly, but women are supposed to take them as they are. Ladies, however, are held to a long, blond-haired, blue-eyed, thin nightmare vision. I say, down with convention!


* 10/26/2017 edit: a few months ago, I began my first after-40 hurdle: really trying to find a good doctor. I haven't had one for the 13 years I've been in this yucky state. I hate doctors and have been mistreated my whole life by them, an interesting theme that continued no matter how hard I tried. The point is, one of the doctors I tried out looked at me and asked in great concern, "How long have you been doing this to yourself?"
I answered, but then as I left I suddenly understood the inflections of her question.

My god, I thought, this bitch thinks my shaved head is self-mutilation!


I found another doctor and FINALLY won the doctor jackpot. This woman is the best I have ever been to, friendly, friendly staff, agrees with the same fundamentals I do and everything. But screw that lady that thought any woman that shaved their head was doing it to harm themselves. I love my hair and have been complimented on it many times.

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