Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New year, new computer!

I finally got a new computer - for Christmas, from my awesome husband. After I yank my Adobe programs from the shelves and install them I'll be back to drawing again after a whopping half a year without CGI art! I still have sciatica, though, pretty wicked, so I can't sit at the computer for long periods like I used to... it's just gonna take awhile getting used to.

2015 means I'm finally going to start writing and compiling the insane, hugely Mary Sue fantasy world inside my head, known as "Moy Mell" (the "Plains of Pleasure" in Celtic lore). It's kind of for myself, just because it's so weird and so ...intricate, I wanted someplace to put it down. It's just my little blissful area where I always imagine I go when I daydream/sleep.

You know me, though. *snerk* It might be good for a name-grabbing concept, since I went off the grid for a year a few years ago and lost my momentum online (bleah, a sort of mistake but not really, since online drama crap makes me puke and getting away from it all was such fun).

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