Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Wonder Trades

The Naughty List


I'm wonder trading again! That means COUNTLESS wurmples and zigzagoon, trash Pokemon that no one ever wants. I try to send out rares or ones with the Pokerus, I get crap in return. Tip: when doing a wonder trade, at least send a small, tiny, cost-almost-nothing potion with them, or name them for god's sake! Sending countless trash into the system clogs it up, and hardly anyone rehabilitates like I do (leveling them up, etc). They just send it right back the frick out, meaning someone else's level 2 wurmple gets given to hundreds - if not thousands -- of hapless trainers that swear grimly and (you guessed it) send it right back out again.



Why do Japanese traders notoriously suck?! You'd think they'd be good traders!

Anyway, these are the lovely ones that have given me trash.*

MARC sent me a Korean Illumise

* I understand that when first playing, all that is available to you is low-level Pokemon. That's fine, but put some effort into naming them or giving them tiny "prizes" to hold like berries or something! 

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