Friday, January 23, 2015

Pokemon Game Word Censure is out of Control

All I wanted was a Koffing named "Cutie Poof".

...that's all I wanted. Poof, as in "poof" that comes out of their holes. Gaseous poof. Wind coming out of a hole. I'm living in America, I'm not in Britain, and didn't mean to insinuate someone gay ("Poofter", or "Poof", in Britain is a derogatory word for being homosexual). Poof means more than that.

It's also just "poof".

You can't enter a word like "ravioli", because the system sees "viol", and that means rape in French, so even if they have names with the same letters in them, and there's a @#$%ed Gym Leader named with those letters in them, we can't type it. You can't name something "Violet", or "Ravioli".

What about Cofagrigus, then, you idiots? We can't type that in anywhere in a Pokemon game, but the pokemon's name itself has that word in it! In one instance, I forget what game, I couldn't use my last name, "Sketchit". Don't ask why, I have no clue. Maybe because of the "chit"?

You can't take all the combined letters out, guys. You can't fix this. I've been horribly amused by all the idiot children (and adults acting like children) in their Secret Bases, for instance. They use all sorts of runarounds (7337, whatever) to say whatever they please. And the slurs & swears get across just fine, believe me.

(I then delete their base after taking their flag a million times. Bleah.)

Please don't take away my ability to say very real words in the English language because you're trying to manipulate & control nasty people that would use bad language. On Neopets, many years for example, we couldn't type the word "hot". WTF? Hot might mean someone talking about how "hot" someone was, yes, but it also might mean warm. You can't ban everything. It doesn't work. It's like prohibition... people get around it.

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