Sunday, February 22, 2015

Say NO to Synchrony Financial cards

Synchrony Financial got us.

We have a "Care Credit" card - got it when Zoro needed some dental work and the dental surgeon recommended it to us. (In fact at the time we needed it, as we couldn't have gotten the work don without it). The card can be used at our Vet, so we kept it and used it for that for a few years.

Just last week we started having trouble with our mail again. The USPS here uses temps a lot, and they don't know what the @#$% they are doing! We got several bills from the house next door, etc.

I didn't think they mis-delivered one of ours, but apparently they did. We missed payment on the Care Credit card due to the bill never arriving at our home. The credit company DID NOT EMAIL US, but waited gleefully until we were a few days late and then called the creditors to get us. Here's where it gets funky: I always pay our bills, and creditors have been after us for Zoro's dad passing away for awhile now. We ignored the calls, thinking it was just those again (they have no legal right to make us pay his dead dad's cards and whatnot). But oops, it was for us (at least a few) - so I immediately paid online.

Now the problem(s) begin, because this company is being looked into for a very disturbing problem: not telling creditors to back off when debts are paid. In other words, I paid, but they will escalate this because the company wants more money (and that is, of course, illegal). That means they get more money from terrified people by ignoring their payments. I'm pissed, because I try to keep track of everything, but we all make mistakes and how the hell can I make a bill payment when I don't get 1) a bill or 2) an email reminder?!!!

If they had emailed us, we would have paid because I'd have checked and saw I hadn't. Every other card we have does that. This one did not, and it's a very sinister move. They want us to fuck up because then we pay them more and more. Well, that's it. That's enough. We barely got even at last, are finally pulling ourselves out of the muck, and this happens?! Fuck you, GE Bank & Synchrony Financial!

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