Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pokemon ORAS GTS

*stares at title*

Acronym, much?

Yeech. Anyway, I trade a lot on the GTS - Global Trade System -- on Pokemon. Always. I like it because it's more anonymous than trading directly, and it allows for me to specifically state what I want, in-game. Well, to a point, which is why I'm griping right now.

The GTS allows you to pick:
+ what type of Pokemon you want
+ what level
+ what gender

The GTS does not allow you:
+ to choose if you want a shiny
+ to show if any Pokemon has the Pokerus
+ to show the natures of Pokemon

Now, human nature will always want more, more, more - for less, less, less. I understand. I really do. But I'm realistic. You're not going to get a shiny, level 100 Manaphy for a level 2 zigzagoon you caught at the beginning of the game. You're just not. Hope is great, but there are too many to slough through if you're searching for a shiny, like myself. Heh.

I should point out now that I've finished the game, beaten the elite four a bunch, collected over a million bucks, finished the extra plots, won all the contests, gotten all the pokemon possible for my region and everything for my secret base (as well as over 1,000 flags). The only thing left to do is breed/collect/trade shiny pokemon, which is what I'm doing. I use the GTS because it's easier than hard trading with people that are super fussy and only want shiny pokemon in return, or event types that I don't have extras of.

In collecting "shinies" through GTS, I noticed a disturbing trend. Everyone wants shinies. People with trash ask for them, of course, but it's become normal to ask in the comment section for "SHINY PLZ" even if you're just doing a normal trade! Shiny pokemon are special because they're a bit rarer (although easier to get in this game). Asking for a rare when you damn well know you don't have one worth it smacks of the child that always got what they wanted from mummy & daddy. Suck it up, ask for something reasonable. Zigzagoons are crap, ralts are crap, don't ask for a shiny impossibility. Even koffings - a common type in this game -- all have legendaries asked for them when you search. It's ridiculous.

Another gripe I have is the "tricky" idiots. The ones who lie or put "DON'T TRADE", hoping someone will do it so they can get a rare. The ones who flat out lie and say they have shinies when they clearly do not - wtf, man, we can see your pokemon next to the others. If it's not different, then it's not shiny. Ugh.

Don't ever ask for a "shiny for shiny" trade on the GTS. You can't enforce it, and since you went in knowing this, you're going to be sore when you get a regular pokemon for your shiny. And, in my opinion, if you have a level 1-30 (maybe 50) shiny, a level 90+ hard to evolve pokemon is a decent trade for it. You know why? You know all shiny pokemon aren't real. Most are hacks. There's no way to tell on the GTS, so I assume everything is fake. It's safer that way.

Oh, and I've got boxes and boxes full of 91+'s and legendaries (some events) to trade for shinies... I'm just hoping that some folks out there ask for reasonable trades. That's what makes this game fun!

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