Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Zoro Wado and Cosplay "replica" swords

So, a slew of folks on eBay seem to have misunderstood One Piece's Zoro in an attempt to quickly cash in on selling his swords.

"This sword is a high end replica from the world famous One Piece Anime. In the show it is carried by Zoro Wado."

...seriously? What. The @#$%. Looks like someone did no research and just looked at other sales of prop katana, decided his name was half of what title they saw, and then applied it to all their listings. Moron. It takes very little to research something as a seller, especially if you understand it's a character from One Piece!


Anyway, I have a replica sword and am looking for two more to complete my Zoro set (I need sandai kitetsu and wado ichimonji). These swords aren't even good enough for carrying for cosplay, usually, which sucks because they cost around $30 (low end) to $100+ (high end). I don't buy anything more than $20-30, though, because I know they're crap. My shusui's hilt has been cloth-wrapped to "hide" a molded dragon that was on the original white blade's hilt. So it's not "authentic", because I can clearly see the fracking Chinese dragon on the hilt between the wrap.

I like the idea of wooden cosplay swords, but they're so expensive I can't even think of buying them. We'll see. I'm still researching for what's the cheapest in case I fall into some money on ebay (lol).

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