Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sucky eBayer List

Myep. For those that piss me off: here's a warning to all of you if you come across them.

Seller: lightbearerjoe 
Item: Nendoroid Tsubasa Figure
Reason: ended auction early because "item no longer available"
Update 5/30: The bastard re-listed it almost immediately!
*he also has 1 negative for doing the same to a buyer that won an auction
*update (me): I bought something else by sniping so he couldn't end it early... gave him a neutral

He now has "100% positive" - but he really doesn't, because as you can see I recorded he had at least 1 negative and my neutral. Yet eBay takes these off after so many months of "good" behavior.

Friday, May 22, 2015

For when I buy art...

This is for artists drawing my own character with her beau, Roronoa Zoro. My husband & I identify with these characters, so I get a lot of art drawn with them that's not my own.

Here's my character sheet. Click, then right-click to "open image in new tab" and see it full-size.

Elly Sketchit is a purple/lavender-haired Cheshire nekomata with a double-tipped tail. The very end of both tips are white. They do not "curl" on the tips, it's just one tail split into a fork at the end. Her ears perk upright only if she's startled, most of the time they lay sideways, giving her a bit of a mad appearance. If startled a lot (in fear) or if she becomes enraged she loses her pupils entirely.

When in human form she is a very pale woman with lavender cat ears, purple hair & eyes as well as the striped split tail. Her teeth are lightly fanged. She never has human ears at all, just the cat ones. She wears simple black tees or tanks with pirate skulls and jeans (flared on the bottom) or jean shorts. Her body is not skinny, it's rounded, with a well-rounded bosom and bottom (bottom being larger than bosom, she's not top-heavy). No tattoos, one single round birthmark on her inner left arm (right before the elbow bend). She is 5' 5" tall, a bit shorter than Zoro (who is 5' 10").

She sometimes wears a simple silver chain with bell attached, a gift from her beau.

Roronoa Zoro is from the manga/anime One Piece.

He's a gruff, strong guy that doesn't "do" cutesy stuff on purpose. He has three clip earrings on his left ear that are strips of gold, a scar that runs down his chest, scars around his ankles, and one over a closed left eye. He carries 3 swords as seen in both pics, but I'm not fussy about them being shown in waist-ups. He's quite tall at 5' 10", taller than Elly (she's only 5' 5").

Zoro normally makes his most "unique" faces around Elly (whom he calls "stupid cat", or, at best when feeling affectionate, "kitten"). She likes to startle him with affectionate displays because he professes to hate it, although his faces might not be entirely accurate with his feelings since he blushes as he's being grouchy. She's also quite fond of getting into his haramaki (the belly band across his chest) since it's warm, smells a lot like him and makes him blush the hardest.


  • ankle scars (circling both)
  • chest scar
  • eye scar (left) I know some pics don't show this, it was a later character development
  • 3 clip teardrop earrings (left)

"Those" faces, used to show embarrassment at "lovey" scenes (once again, I know they show the left eye but later developments left him without):