Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jackson & Elly

I probably shouldn't draw Monster High crap... I hate this pic. His waist is too big, the head isn't right, um... just realized in saving it cut the color on something (will fix)... ugh

But y'know. Jackson. My college version* gnaws at my soul constantly. The damn boy is cute! But I really dislike the stylized female "monsters" where they look like "Bratz" characters - the beeg puffy leeps, too much makeup, etc. I did realize that I suck at drawing him, too, but then again I'm so out of practice and my mind's been shit lately. I kinda did this so that I'd at least have drawn something. I haven't in ages. I just don't feel it.

FYI because no one cares: Elly in this incarnation is a nekomata (mom) + human (dad). So her body is human, with human skin, and her face is fur/anthro. This is because I had a pale "whitey" Obitsu BJD body and no head that fit it, so I eventually said "f- it" and popped a Catrine Demew head that I edited slightly on the body.

See? (link @ Instagram)

Yeah, dang it, I've been thinking about their story and may even start writing again.

*because: legal age, otherwise ewww

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