Thursday, December 10, 2015

Zoro Dakimakura

Let me rephrase that title - it's new Zoro dakimakura (or, as some call them, "hugging pillows").

I got three *wiggles* but only two were decent, the ones I got from "Yes! Anime" on eBay. The other seller shipped me a graphic mess, a sloppily enlarged image that was fuzzy as heck and terrible. The seller was shit about it as well. Anyway!

This is my favorite. Although, it does bother me that no one ever has drawn the scars on his ankles. I mean, it disturbs my OCD fangirl-ness. Also, green eyes? Nice touch, though.

Husband-Zoro was a bit grumpy about sleeping with this one, though. One night he commented, 'I'm off to sleep with sexy Zoro', so I giggled. The response back was a flat 'It's not funny.'


'Course it is.

Especially as RL-Zoro makes my bed half-smell like character-Zoro would: beer and manly soap. No steel, otherwise it'd be 100%.


Oh yeah, here's the other one (not as good, and Law looks creepy as shit (click for larger image)!