Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pokemon Center LTD Suicune GB Advance - // sold!

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*edit: sold! It's a reseller of course, but they understood it was worth more than I was asking for that very reason and purchased it for the full amount. 

Okay, so I've been trying to sell this for a year or more now. I'm open to some offers, but... seriously. WTF. I paid $300 way back when for this, as it was hard to get something that was limited to Japan only. It still has the box, paperwork, and isn't damaged at all - the box has some wear but that's it. I used it like, maybe 6 times. Seriously. And once was to test it before I started selling it.

Every one I see that's being sold is a refurb or doesn't work, or doesn't have the box, etc., etc. I've got all of that. I'm asking $100 less than I paid, and I've seen these damn things sell for $500.

All I get are vintage game/game system SHOPS, asking for way less because they want to resell for loads of profit, or jokesters that want to pay $50.

I'll keep the damn thing, you know? I'd like the money, but I have other stuff to sell, you know. And I'm scared shitless to sell besides, knowing people will whine about it (Pokemon collectors and game folks are notorious for cheating you or blackmailing about the "condition" of something). My stuff is always in what condition I list it as. I don't lie; I show pictures and I even underestimate how good it is because it's easier than saying how awesome something is and then someone not agreeing. I'd rather someone be pleasantly surprised it's better than they thought.

I even had one asshole ask if I could send more pics so they could see "the scratches" on it.

It doesn't have scratches.

I've listed it doesn't, for chrissake. I mean, maybe you can see some barely-there something, but if you're that type of buyer you can f- off. I don't need that.

I always want to make people happy with what they buy from me, but more often than not they're just selfish little bastards that want $300 for a penny.

Oh, and free shipping. And shipping yesterday. They always want it shipped the second they buy. I can't do that, okay? ;_;

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