Friday, January 1, 2016

Twitter Hijinx: WARNING for users of popular named accounts!

So, I Beta-tested Twitter.

I really did! My account here is from July 2007. And I gave some accounts out when they started... one account run by my beloved is a super high anime ranking one. The actual name, you know. The kind that gets hate tweets and mail because others want it. Awhile ago, he had a tweet from someone that tried to interact with him. He answered back, and they "freaked out" and immediately requested that he "DM" (direct message) them.

Get this straight: the person contacting him wanted him to DM them.

DO NOT EVER DO THIS TO SOMEONE YOU DO NOT KNOW. It's a trap. Folks can infect your Twitter account this way and steal it, with a link (or on the page I found, without, which is weirder). He's naturally reticent, kind of like his avatar, so he didn't and I looked up why someone would have wanted him to do that... it's actually true. They will screw your account up and then usually sell it.

Anyway, Google "dm virus twitter" or some such and you'll see what I mean. It's not cool. Just a warning!

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