Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ghostbusters (and Star Trek)

I was born in 1976. I lived the 80's, loved the movies and everything: neon colors, rainbow stuff that didn't automatically make people label your sexual preference, the toys, the TV... the movies. Oh, the movies. They didn't run for three hours, they were fun and happy-ending, for the most part, and generally just made you smile.

My favorite movie of ALL TIME that has always been my favorite movie of all time, is Ghostbusters. I loved the comedy, the general silliness, the cast of SNL members (and SCTV for that matter), the scifi/fantasy aspect. Everything about it combines to make it the perfect fun-to-watch movie in my opinion.

And guess what?

I'm looking forward to the remake.

Didn't see that coming, did you? And I'm a huge fan. I mean, so giant - I went to Universal Studios when they had the Ghostbusters skyline and ride set up. I was ecstatic, always thought it was better than Disneyland (which we didn't go to) and Epcot (which we did). I had the toys, I had the candy dispensers, soaps, all the trading cards and Panini albums, shampoo stuff. You name it - whatever came out I got because I loved it so much. It's a gigantic part of my childhood.

And yet, I'm not upset they're remaking the movie like so many self-proclaimed "fans".

I was upset at the JJ Abrams Star Trek remakes. There are differences, and I'll see if I can explain. The Trek movies take the "old" characters and change them. Everything that was ST was corrupted - Spock banging Uhura, etc. I understand why: it made business sense. Nerds got mad, like me, but hey, most saw it anyway (I refused to). What the studio needed to was snag the wallets of the other movie-going crowd - the general populace. And it succeeded. But they don't ruin my enjoyment of the good shows, because I can pop in a blu-ray or DVD, or turn on some streaming service and watch ST:TNG right now.

That's what these crazy Ghostbusters fans need to do.

It's not a religion, for Christ's sake - don't try and control people by making them think it sucks before it's even out. And despite what you think, it's NOT ruining your childhood. You still have the old movie. If you're that angry, don't see the new one and just watch the old one in the sanctity of your own home on the day it premieres.

But let's see - why are these "fans" are angry?

1) The cast is all female
WTF. Sexist much? As a female, I have to watch countless scores of movies, games, even cartoons with nothing but male leads in them. There are so many it's ridiculous. Females get depicted as shit and we rarely come up as the leads without being hung up on some guy. F-ing deal with it. Would you have been upset if they were still males, but different races? What does sex matter? If they do a good job, then they do a good job. It's not a carbon copy of the original movie.

Also, studies have shown that ladies go to the movies more than men right now. Business sense, again: cater to those that are paying you.

Also also wik: we have a super ton of awesome female comediennes right now. They get picked for movies because they're good at what they do.

2) The plot is stupid
Please take a moment to think about, in a few words, what what plots of the original two Ghostbusters movies are about. Yeahhhh... the plot is about the same, "silly" wise, as both of those movies. it's campy fun, meant for laughs.

3) The actresses suck
The critics said the same thing about your precious Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd & Harold ramis back in the day. They're not gods, people, they're actors. And people thought their performance sucked back in the day. Google an old Starlog (magazine) review or something, you'll see what I'm talking about.

And hey - the cast from the old movies is from SNL. The cast from the new movie is from... well, shit. Funny people from SNL. People nowadays love Melissa McCarthy. She's generally seen as hilarious, as well as Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. It's your personal preference, but these women were picked because they're f-ing funny, because they're good actresses. Just like the guys were back in the day.

Let's just watch the damned movie before we judge it, okay? From the trailers it looks hilarious to me. I'm not going to say anything until I see it, because forming an opinion before the f-ing thing is out is the dumbest thing you can do. It's stupidly mean, forming opinions and calling it a "feminist" Ghostbusters. It's feminist simply because the main cast is female? WTF logic is that?! That's using a buzzword that riles a lot of men up to get them to hate the movie before it even airs.

And people that do that suck.