Saturday, July 23, 2016


All right, we'll cut to the chase here on this one. I ordered 5 things from a seller in China. They sent me a very tiny, very small package with tracking, that included a spring "hair band" inside (not what I ordered of course, it was just to make it look like something was inside).

Seller profile
The feedback says they do this a lot. Send empty packages or "hairbands" when folks order things worth way more than that.

Twitter link to me calling eBay out (with image)

Item numbers I purchased: 391503042737, 351733894035, 351778965725, 391503042035, 391503042737

This is what they told me when I called them out on it, demanding a refund. Classic, right? Like anyone is going to believe it's a "test" package. I've done business for 20+ years and have never heard of that excuse. The worst problem is, I can't figure out how to report them! eBay doesn't want them gone, obviously, because they make them money. And there is no way to report without going out of my way and calling the company. Which, I know because I've done it before, does nothing to the seller. Augh.

*edit: I followed through on EVERY ONE of the auctions, and eventually they caved & mailed the items to me.

*edit 8/23: AUUUGHHH it happened again! Different seller this time, sent me 2 "party favor" stick-on mustache sets. I ordered 2 "squishies", not that cheap dimestore crap! I'll be reporting and giving bad feedback, of course. Bleah.

You know, China, if these sellers keep doing this, no one is going to buy from anyone from your country. Ever. I mean, sheez, it's already all knock off stuff, and not worth a lot, not made well, etc. Now you're not even going to send the crap, because it's "too expensive"? You're going to send something that's a quarter of a pennies' worth?! Argh.