Sunday, September 25, 2016

eBay seller issue

seller: dsager455

Just remember, eBay sellers, stuff goes both ways! Take this scenario, for example...

I bought a rare squishable from someone on eBay. I paid immediately, and yet a week later, when the item was supposed to actually be there, it still hadn't shipped yet. I PM'd the seller.

The seller told me they had to have "impromptu back surgery" and they'd ship it out immediately. Okay, I was super polite... stuff happens. So I wait. The tracking number is added, and then the next day, it says the item was delivered to an address in the seller's home state.


So I PM again. The seller says 'whoops, wrong number, I'll just fix that'.


No number.

This sounds fishy as hell, right? So I report them.

Sweet bleeding Jesus, they give the wrong tracking number AGAIN. The one that proves it shipped to the different address. So I comment on that. Then they add the right number - get this, a day later -- WHEN THE PACKAGE IS DUE TO ARRIVE HERE. Ughhh. So, it arrives, and I give positive feedback. Positive! Since it's a weekend, I don't go on eBay, I take those days off. And usually when you give positive feedback everything is okay, ebay cancels the alert thing 'cause it's been delivered.

Also, I didn't go online on my computer (where I'd hafta close the case), I went on my phone for feedback.

Nope. I waited until Sunday and the seller is freaking out, acting like they're gonna be screwed that I'm trying to "fool" them.


It's perfectly okay for him to make ME wait more than a week, to give me all the proper info and crap, but he's flipping shit because it was a weekend and I didn't cancel the case in a couple days? After I gave the bastard positive feedback?!! 

I'm supposed to wait for them, but they can't for me? 

@##$%, way to rep my home state, asshole. I know why they make fun of it all the time in EVERY single other state - you're jerks! UGHHH.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Lying scam bucket seller on eBay

I hate when people try to scam others.

(click for bigger image)!

This "person" on eBay (see how nice I'm being? I didn't call them an @#$ at all) is trying to sell a micro squishable for approximately $40 more than it's worth by lying and saying it's a "big" item. It's really tiny, and you can even see it's a micro in the photos (not the first, of course, they think they can fool people by putting that later on, so you think it's the bigger version if you don't check).