Saturday, November 19, 2016

(Voting is Over) Thank you!

Myep - it's voting time! My Blue Budgie (parakeet) is up for votes at Squishable.Com! Click the pic if you want to vote and help make it a stuffed animal. I'm actually up against the staff artwork (heh), who did tests against their own designs to see what would, um, win easier. So hey! Not going to win probably... but we'll try!

Click the larger thumbnail on the bottom for larger image, if you'd like to see the description before jumping to the site. And thanks for voting, everyone who supports me! I'm grateful and thrilled that folks would like my art enough. If it's not good, feel free to let me know what you would change, so I can make better designs in the future!

(I don't have Facebook, so can't go on there like Squishables always suggests. LOL).

Thanks to all who voted for me.
I really appreciate it! Got a lot of votes for a first design, and that makes me happy. Unfortunately, the site pre-picked a blue budgie their staff member designed - exactly the color as mine -- ummmmm... and I don't recall ever seeing it up for vote at all. Weird. It's just there.

Well, as my first experience, it sucked, and I will not be giving them any more free designs. I do have a lot of designs that will still be up for voting, and I have mixed emotions about that. Should I hope to "win"? It's not really winning - the people that win are the staff, since they get free work done for a pittance. I need the money badly, but the last designer on the team that emailed me had issues. There was no "hey, maybe you could do it this way" or "we feel this might need a change". It was more "DO IT LIKE THIS, STUPID. NOW."

Ugh. I went to college for art too, you know guys. I just wasn't lucky enough to land a cush job.