Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Furry FAQ

This is a list of all the stuff I've written about being a furry. I'll constantly be adding to it. 

My fursona is (and has been for more than a decade) a nekomata, which is a split-tailed demon cat from Japanese lore. Not common to many furs, as she is a demon, she can take human form and often does to mess with people (mostly men).

*click for larger image. 

Growing Up Furry
A small essay about how I grew up without the internet and without any support of my furry identity. How families react when they don't understand.

Those Stupid Furfags
Why is "furfag" and furry-bashing acceptable? We're the new "it's okay to mock" lifestyle, and I want to know why, since we're not doing what the public thinks we do.

Am I Really a Furry?
My thoughts about who/what I really am, since I don't slather fur-porn around. Does this mean I'm not a furry?

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