Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gamergate & Female Freedom

I'm shocked, always shocked because this is the human race doing this to itself.

Guys think they're losing their "superiority".

The Bible, advertisements, magazines, television and gaming - everywhere they look - tells them they are #1, little "mini gods". Yet some females are telling them it's not true, we're equal. So males are fighting, slandering, threatening and doing anything they can do to stop equality. They're not losing their place by any means, by the way, but the IDEA that they could is threatening them.

I can't even breathe when I hear what some assholes say/do because of this whole shebang. Females are lower class citizens. We get told what we should like, what we should do and how to act. We get brainwashed into thinking we need to look a certain way or we're "ugly". We still earn less money than men. We get treated like objects because of prostitution and we are informed we're on this earth to "make babies". If you don't/choose not to, you're seen as the strangest creature out there. People simply cannot comprehend that myself at 38 years old, will not have a child. I will never have a baby. It is my choice, not anyone else's, not even my husband's. I asked him before we married and he said he was all right with never having any. But you know what? If he wanted to get "snipped", it'd be fine, he'd just go and do it. But in Kansas, where we live now, I, as a female, as the baby-making property of him, would have to have my husband - the man -- sign for me to have my tubes tied.


This is not equality. This is not right.

I don't give a crap about what happened at "Gamergate" because it sounds like a bunch of politicized shit. No matter what happened, you guys have done it before and no one cared because it was done by men. But a woman did something to achieve status, and now you're threatened. Fuck off, now. Come on. We've had a black president, and I bet we have other types of skin colors up there before we have a woman, because when women run for anything and threaten men, men systematically take them down. They talk about what they're wearing and how ugly they are, and never focus on anything serious.

That's all we are to most males, beauty numbers. "Is she a one or a ten?" Did you ever think of what number you where before placing a label on us? Because if everything was equal in the world there would be restaurants with men wearing thongs swinging along low-set tables next to your local Hooter's. There would be nothing but huge, blond, tight-abbed men shown next to "fat chicks" in TV shows, and all advertisements directed at you would depict "you" as the unobtainable circus strongman type, showing you NEED to be THIS WAY and if you ARE NOT you are UGLY.

I'm 38 and have never wanted/will never want children. I have never liked the color pink, preferring blue (and sometimes purple) instead. I like gaming and can whup ass on my husband and many guys in different games, fighting games mostly, my favorite genre is Survival Horror, my fave games of all time: Silent Hill 2 and 3. I have recently shaved my head because I can't stand my hair and the need to "do" it to be perfectly female - I like coloring my hair crazy colors, but I can't stand getting up and styling it forever every morning. I wear men's T-shirts because they have cool things on them! Not sparkles and pink and Tinkerbell and teddy bears and unicorns that society tells me to wear: I like stuff like wrestling, dragons, games and anime.

I exist.

I matter.

I am female.

I am not what society tells you I should be.

And that should be okay.

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